The Axis Forces 9

Massimiliano Afiero, Pagine: 78, English



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In this issue: Letʹs start with the second part of the article dedicated to the Dutch Legion, richly illustrated. We continue with the
biography of Zvonimir Bernwald, at first a volunteer in the Handschar Division and then in the 31st SS Division. It continues with the third part of the article dedicated to the Barbarigo battalion on the Anzio front, with a new excerpt from the new book by Tomasz Borowski on the last combat actions of the French volunteers of Charlemagne, the fourth and final part of the photographic report dedicated to the SS‐Hauptsturmführer Hans‐Jörg Hartmann and we close with a long and comprehensive article on Romanian armored formations.
Massimiliano Afiero
Febbraio 2019
Luca Cristini Editore