Albania’s Italian occupation – The Italian Anschluss


The Italian occupation of Albania, which took place in April 1939, is a subject little covered in most texts pertaining to the history of our armed forces and is often mentioned in a few lines or described as an action of little importance and without difficulty. In reality, the invasion of the Kingdom of Albania was a wake-up call and showed all the inefficiency of the Italian Royal Armed Forces in a modern war as the Second World War would later be, which saw the Kingdom of Italy suffer defeat after defeat. What was supposed to be a ‘walk in the park’ cost the blood of Italian soldiers and sailors, especially in the area of Durres, and only the weakness of the military apparatus of the small Balkan state would not make the Italians pay dearly for the poor organization of the operation and logistical problems. The book, after a description of pre-1939 events, will focus on the stages of the invasion and then move on to a description of the integration of the Albanian armed forces into those of Italy.

By Daniele Notaro, 100 pages
English text

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