Italian Semoventi – Vol. 2: 75/34-75/46-90/53-102/25-149/40


In this second volume, we complete the history of self-propelled vehicles in force in the Italian army, both that of the Kingdom and that of the Italian Social Republic after 1943!  After the great success of the 75/18 presented in the first volume, we then deal with its older brothers, namely the 75/34 already partly present in the first volume, its variant, the 75/46.  Next, the famous “Bassotto” i.e., the self-propelled 105/25, perhaps the most powerful vehicle in the Italian arsenal, to conclude with two strange vehicles: the 90/53 with rear shielding, and the modern 149/40, a real tank-mounted gun, made only in one prototype.

By Luca Stefano Cristini, 60 pages
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