When you look at old black and white photos, the past seems very far away. This is especially apparent with First
World War photographs. Soldiershop is proud to present in the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World
War his project of colorized images of the WW1, The images featured not only the great battles of the war, but
also life on the home front, wartime industries, the hospitals, the advances in the field of technology and communications
The Great War in Colour project will consist of colourizing of several of the better images about the year 1914-1918
from various Library and Archives of the world.
A Special Thanks to the several institution, museum, library, bibliotecks, public or private collection & athenaeums
that with their positive copyright policy about part of his collections, allows us the use of many images present in our
books realized for the centennial of the Armistice.
Several million black-and-white photos exist in the world’s archives of events during the First World War, captured in
myriad photographs on all sides of the front. Most of this photos show the devastating events of the Great War were.
Since then, a lot of books of black-and-white photographs of the war have been published as all nations endeavour
to comprehend the scale and the carnage of the “terrible war of the 20th century”. To mark the centenary of the
outbreak of war, our books brings together all of these remarkable, fully recolored images of WW1.
The volume represents the work of several artists and collaborators of Soldiershop, but especially it is based on the
work of the two main authors: Luca Cristini and Joel Bellviure.
Our book presents all the text of the plates in English and Italian language.