Armies of the Polish war of succession in Italy 1733-1736 – Vol. 1 The Armée d’Italie – BOX 3 tomes



The military events of the War of Polish Succession have always been rather neglected, focusing instead on the diplomatic aspects of the conflict. Perhaps this is also due to the circumstance that in the German sector, considered the main theater of operations, no major events of arms took place, apart from the siege of some strongholds, while the only two battles of the war (Parma and Guastalla) occurred in Italy.
This series is devoted to the armies and navies operating in the Italian area during the conflict, which pitted the forces of Emperor Charles VI against those of France, Spain and the Kingdom of Sardinia, later joined by the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. This volume (divided into three tomes) is the first in the series and covers both the events of the war in general and the particular events of the French Armée d’Italie. Tome 1 deals specifically with historical events, tome 2 with organization, and tome 3 with uniforms, equipment, and flags.

By Giancarlo Boeri et al, 90 pages
English text

Di Giancarlo Boeri et al, 90 pagine
In italiano

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