Medieval Knight 1100-1476


This book devoted to the medieval uniforms uses the presence of several marvelous tables realized by the Italian artists Giovanni Garuti and Mario Nadir Durand. Every table are equipped by a rich text that well describes the history of the character and illustrates his uniform. There are also present a lot of tables with adding heraldic shields of the various factions and noble families. The thematic of the subjects includes noble Italian families, Crusade order as the Hospitallers and the Teutonic. Noble French, German and English families. all in one historical period that has gone since 1100 to the late XV century. In Italian area are present and described some knights of Tuscany Lombardy : From Farinata degli Uberti, to the Tartaglia, to Jacopo de Pazzi just to the family Pellari and still Florentine militias and lombarde. In the crusade orders different Teutonic knights of Danish or German Area and a beautiful hospitaller knight. Among the German noble, English and French we remember: Wolfram Von Eschenbach (1170-1220), Ludwig IV of Bayern (1287- 1347), Aymer de Valence (1270-1324), Edmund Crouchback (1244-1296), Alphonse X the wise man (1221-1284) and Alphonse of Poitiers (1220-1271) and many others.

By Giovanni Garuti and Mario Nadir Durand, 92 pages
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