The Imperial Army 1690-1720: the Infantry


Eugene Prince of Savoia-Carignano, count of Soissons, General at 24 years old, feld-marshall at 27. The Prince Eugene is considered the most famous commander of the history of the Imperial Army, and one of the most brilliant world commander of every time. For the workmanship also shown in the diplomacy, Eugene was considered from the European chancelleries “the street emperor”. After having tried to convince Louis XIV to accept him to enter the French army, he reacted to the refusal of the king by running away to Austria. From that country his flashing career began, culminating at the vertexes of the Absburg military establishment, conducted in the double capacity of commander and untiring reformer.
In this new book the detailed history, the army’s direction, the organization, the equipment and the uniforms of the imperial infantry at the time if the great Italian captain are treated.

By Bruno Mugnai and Luca Cristini, 146 pages
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