Uniforms of French restoration 1814-1830 – Vol. 1


In this first volume we present all the images realized for the volume: “Histoire del la Maison Militaire du Roi de 1814 a 1830”. A great work realized in 1890 by Eugène Titeux. The work is in two volumes with a total of 84 color plates. Our edition is based almost entirely on the Viskuezzen collection, which belongs to the NYPL, to whom we are particularly grateful. We left all the captions of the plates in the original French text. All the plates have been extensively restored and, in some parts, reconstructed, since the originals preserved at the NYPL are mostly not in good condition, often assembled in rough cut-outs etc.

When Louis XVIII returns to France in 1814, he intends to give back brightness to his house. The order of May 25, 1814 endorses the creation of several units, some of which had already disappeared before the revolution. In 1814, the Maison militaires du Roi consists as follows: Gardes du corps du Roi (five companies) ; Cent-Suisses (one company) ; Gardes de la Porte (one company) ; Gardes de la Prévôté (one company) ; Gardes du corps du Monsieur (two companies) ; Mousquetaires du Roi (two companies) ; Gendarmes de la Garde (one company) ; Chevau-légers de la Garde (one company);  Grenadier at cheval de la Garde (one company).

By Luca Stefano Cristini, 96 pages
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