The SS Cavalry Divisions


The Florian Geyer division was created as a unit prepared to fight the partisan forces, but it also found itself performing front-line tasks for which it was not prepared. Compared to the other SS divisions, Florian Geyer found itself at a disadvantage in regular combat, especially with regard to the tactical preparation of the middle officers. These shortcomings were compensated for, in part, by the strong esprit de corps of the division’s men, which never failed even at the end, thus making it an elite unit. The events of the 22nd Maria Theresia Division remain closely linked to the terrible battle of Budapest. This SS unit was able to hold its own against the overwhelming enemy forces, despite the fact that the division was formed only a few months before the decisive battle. Most of its men were conscripts, and its armament was certainly not the most advanced. Despite this, its soldiers preferred total annihilation rather than surrender, demonstrating uncommon valour.

By Alberto Peruffo, 100 pages
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