The divisions of the army of the R.S.I. 1943-1945 – Vol. 1


The goal we have set ourselves with this series of four volumes, written in four hands, is to give an overall picture of the Divisions formed by the Army of the R.S.I. to the departments used in the fight against the partisans by the Republican National Army, starting from the last months of 1943, offering a purely military point of view, free from judgments of any kind.

The purpose of “continuing the war” had always been present since the beginning of autumn 1943 in the military authorities of the Social Republic. During talks between three Mussolini and Hitler it was agreed to form a new fascist army, which, in the intentions of the Fuhrer, was to be made up of an army of 10/15 divisions. In reality, only 4 were planned and formed by the Republican National Army: 1st Bersaglieri Division “Italy“, 2nd Grenadiers Division “Littorio“, 3rd Marine Division “San Marco“, 4th Alpine Division “Monterosa“.

This first volume is dedicated to the Division “Italy”, which operated on the southern front in Garfagnana, against the Allies, until the end of the conflict.

By Paolo Crippa and Carlo Cucut, 100 pages
English text

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