Yugoslavian armored units 1940-1945


This volume tells the almost unknown story of Yugoslav tankers from training to the Second World War. The formation of the first armored units of the Army of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia dates back to the late 1920s, when military authorities felt the need to equip the units with an armored component, on the basis of the experiences lived during the Great War by the armies engaged in trench warfare. Contrary to what happened with many other European armies at that time, these armored units did not develop as an extension of the cavalry divisions but were instead formed as independent departments, officially called “Combat Units”. With these departments, the Kingdom of Yugoslavia faced the Second World War. After the Italian-German invasion of 1941, Independent Croatia and Slovenian collaborative forces formed armored units, employed in the anti-partisan struggle, and the Wehrmacht formed 3 Armored Divisions formed by Croatian volunteers.

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