FIAT 3000 & FIAT 2000


The FIAT 3000 was an important vehicle in the armament of the Italian Army, entering service after World War I. Produced in two versions, the Model 1921 and Model 1930, this light tank was essential to Italian armored units until the 1930s. Originally based on the French Renault FT, it featured significant improvements, such as a more powerful engine and an optimized internal layout. The FIAT 3000 represents an important chapter in the history of the Italian army, as it was one of the first tanks to be significantly employed after World War I and allowed Italian crews to gain experience in the use of tanks, preparing them for future challenges on the battlefield. Also featured is a chapter on the Fiat 2000, the “giant” tank!

By Luca Stefano Cristini, 60 pages
English text

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