White devils! “Monte Cervino” Alpine Ski Battalion 1941-1943


The Monte Cervino Ski Battalion was certainly an exception in the poorly equipped Italian Armed Forces in the Second World War. Made up of highly specialized personnel – ski instructors and alpine guides – coming from the Alpine School of Aosta, the battalion received equipment that was decidedly superior to that of the average Italian soldiers: from camouflage suits to boots with vibram insulating rubber soles up to the number of MAB 38 submachine guns distributed in an unparalleled extent compared to other departments. Nicknamed by the Soviets Satanas Bielij “white devils” for their winter suits, the Monte Cervino’s men proudly belonged to the best unit of the Italian Royal Army, and the most decorated in relation to his strength: 4 Golden medals for military bravery, 43 Silver, 69 Bronze, 81 War Crosses; and Monte Cervino can be considered the best mountain unit not only of the Axis armies but in all probability in the entire world during the world war…

By Pierluigi Romeo di Colloredo Mels, 100 pages
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