Villers-Bocage: June 13, 1944


Wittmann’s triumph at Villers-Bocage

On the 13th of June of 1944, in less than an hour, at least twelve tanks, fourteen armored vehicles, two guns and a scout carrier were destroyed by a single tank. This is the striking feat of Michael Wittmann, the most famous panzer commander of the Second World War. A sensational feat that galvanized even Hitler, who in fact awarded the German officer with the Knight’s Cross with Oak Fronds and Swords, the highest honor to which a tank commander could aspire. However Villers-Bocage would be his last undertaking, but certainly the most sensational. Wittman, known in his homeland as the “Black Baron” enters the legend!

By Luca Stefano Cristini, 88 pages
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