The “Legnano” Combat Group


The “Legnano” Infantry Division is considered as the first nucleus of the co-belligerent Italian Army since it was charged with constituting the “First Motorized Group” which made its combat debut at Montelungo on 8 December 1943. Five months later, this small formation was expanded, becoming the “Italian Liberation Corps”. Beginning in September 1944 six Italian Combat Groups, equipped with Allied weapons and materiel, were established. The “Legnano” Combat Group, heir of the “Legnano” Division, was given the responsibility of the Idice Valley sector on 23 March 1945. Commanded by General Umberto Utili, the Group participated to the liberation of Bologna and was also involved in other fights before the end of the war in Italy, the last of which took place in Val Sabbia on 2 May 1945.

By Luigi Manes, 100 pages
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