The landsknechts, german militiamen from late XV and XVI century


The German Landsknechte (German plural, singular Landsknecht), meaning “servants of the land”, were colourful mercenary soldiers with a redoubtable reputation, who took over the Swiss forces’ legacy and became the most formidable military force of the late 15th and throughout 16th century Europe, consisting predominantly of German and Swiss mercenary pikemen and supporting foot soldiers, they achieved the reputation for being the universal mercenary of early modern Europe. Was Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor from 1493 to 1519, the founder of the first mercenary Landsknecht regiments in 1487. He called upon Georg von Frundsberg (1473–1528), known by many as the Father of the Landsknechte, to assist him in their organization. Our book, cover all the history of this soldiers with finest illustration and 16 colour plates.

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