The first army of Frederick II of Prussia – Vol. 2


Frederick the Great was one of the most important figures in European history. He was, in the 18th century, the monarch of a German state, Prussia, which had few advantages and many small territories scattered from the east (East Prussia) to the west on the Rhine (Duchy of Kleve). His was a relatively small nation surrounded by France, Austria, Sweden and Russia, all hostile to Prussian interests.  These two volumes discuss the beginnings of Frederick II’s reign and the development he further brought to the army. Having succeeded his father on 31 May 1740, he was able to take advantage of the difficult position in which Austria found itself, due to the thwarted succession of Maria Theresa, and went to war with his new army, intending to take possession of Silesia. With the Treaty of Breslau (11 June 1742) he obtained sovereignty over almost all of Silesia and the county of Glatz.

By Enrico Acerbi, 114 pages
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