The 1799 campaign in Italy – 4 volumes


Vol. 1: The armies of the war & the first battles 
The Italian campaign of 1799 was undertaken by a combined Austro-Russian army under overall command of the Russian General Alexander Suvorov against French forces in Piedmont, Lombardy and Switzerland as part of the Italian campaigns of the French Revolutionary Wars in general and the War of the Second Coalition in particular…

In 1799 Suvorov was given command of the Austro-Russian army and sent to drive France’s forces out of Italy. Suvorov and Napoleon never met in battle because Napoleon was campaigning in Egypt at the time. However, Suvorov erased practically all of the gains Napoleon had made for France during 1796 and 1797, defeating some of the republic’s top generals…

Vol. 3: MacDonald’s offensive 
On 14 April 1799, the French Directory ordered MacDonald to help the French forces in northern Italy. Accordingly, he assembled the Army of Naples and moved north, leaving southern Italy in the hands of local forces, bringing its total field force to 36,728 soldiers…

Vol. 4: France loses the war in Italy 
The battle of Novi (15 August 1799) was the major French defeat in Italy that saw an Austro-Russian army under Marshal Suvorov defeat the combined French armies in Italy…

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4 volumes in English, by Enrico Acerbi

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