Spanish volunteers in Germany during World War II – Vol. 1


During World War II, Spain did not participate as a nation, although many Spaniards took part, both on one side and the other. After the Spanish Civil War, Francisco Franco’s regime was morally and materially indebted to Germany and Italy, which led to Spain’s alignment with the Axis. The invasion of the Soviet Union by Axis troops gave the Spanish government the opportunity to meet the demand of many ex-combatants and young people who had not had the opportunity to fight in the Spanish Civil War to continue the struggle against communism that had already begun in the Spanish confrontation. This clamor turned into the Spanish Volunteer Division (DEV), which became known as the Blue Division (DA). Having been recruited as volunteers to fight against the Soviets, they were largely people with strong ideological convictions, which meant that when it came to fighting, they behaved with immeasurable momentum and courage despite the complicated situation they faced on the Soviet Northern Front.


By Juan Arráez Cerdá and Eduardo M. Gil Martínez, 100 pages
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