Russian light tank T-26


The Russian T-26 was a light tank, designed for infantry support, produced in the Soviet Union from 1931. It did not originate as an autonomous design, but was mainly derived from the British Vickers 6-ton or Vickers Type E vehicle. The T-26 tanks were armed with two parallel turrets in the centre of the hull, each equipped with a light machine gun. The next step was to install a 27-mm or 37-mm cannon on one turret. This was replaced by a 45 mm piece, and this increased the armour-piercing and explosive power. Known as the Mod. 1933, it was a great success and was produced, alone, in around 5,500 examples; an exceptional run for the time. Versions derived from the T-26 were: the OT-26 flamethrower with a flamethrower instead of a cannon, the OT-33 which had both, the ST-26 bridge-carrier to give tank divisions the necessary mobility against natural obstacles, the T-26 A-4 (U) railing radio command tank, and many others…

By Luca Stefano Cristini, 60 pages
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