PDF – Play the Napoleonic wars – The French army 1 (The Imperial Guard)


DOWNLOAD PDF – Play the Napoleonic wars – The French army 1 (The Imperial Guard)

52 pages full color, English & Italian text. They include:

• 24 sheets
• PDF format
• Many new figures to play with
• Much more

Under Napoleon I, the French Army conquered most of Europe during the Napoleonic Wars. Professionalising again from the Revolutionary forces and using columns of attack with heavy artillery support and swarms of pursuit cavalry the French army under Napoleon and his marshals was able to outmanoeuvre and destroy the allied armies repeatedly until 1812. Napoleon introduced the concept of all arms Corps, each one a traditional army ‘in miniature’, permitting the field force to be split across several lines of march and rejoin or to operate independently. The Grande Armée operated by seeking a decisive battle with each enemy army and then destroying them in detail before rapidly occupying territory and forcing a peace.

By Luca Stefano Cristini and Gianpaolo Bistulfi, 52 pages
Text in English and Italian (testo in italiano e in inglese)

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