Partisan tanks


For the Italian partisan forces the use of armored vehicles was really sporadic, with the exception of the last moments of the war. Especially in the days of the insurrection, in fact, the Italian partisans were able to take possession of Italian tanks, either by capturing them from Italian and German units, or by taking them directly from the factories, often thanks to the complicity with the Resistance of the workers who worked in these factories. In the agitated moments of the insurrection, conventionally fixed on April 25, 1945, many were the cases of vehicles plundered and reused by the partisan movement or by soldiers of Salò, who even changed hands several times in a very short period of time; of some of them some traces have been preserved, while of others, especially if used by formations of insurgents, nothing is known. A large number of Italian armored vehicles were used by the Yugoslav partisans, who were able to capture them “en masse” following the disbandment of the Royal Army due to the Armistice.

By Paolo Crippa and Luigi Manes, 100 pages
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