On the plains of Abraham


The battle fought on September 13, 1759, on the Plains of Abraham, at the gates of Québec, was a momentous one: only the surrender of General Lee at Appomattox Court House in 1865 was to have such a tremendous impact on the history of North America. The victory scored by the French over the British at Sainte-Foy seven months later, on April 28, 1760, did nothing to change the situation of the Seven Years’ War in North America. The history of Nouvelle France, which ended dramatically in Quebec, had been an epic, heroic and tragic story. It was the first vast empire in North America, in which Native Americans from many Indian nations, European settlers and Jesuit missionaries found themselves living together and collaborating under the Crown of France. Edition enriched by an extensive iconographic apparatus. With a Preface of Raimondo Luraghi, Professor Emeritus in American History University.


By Alberto Rosselli, 176 pages
English text

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