Nizam-I Cedid: New order Army infantry & artillery 1792 till 1807 (Turkish Army)


This book looks at uniforms, rank-system, and organization for a new type of Turkish Soldier, other than Janissary providing the main Soldier-type during the French Revolution, and Early Napoleonic Wars. Debut of the Levend Chiftlik Regiment in 1799, during the French siege of Acre, and in the British-Turkish campaign in Egypt to expel the French occupation, introduced the Nizam-i Cedid: New Order Army. Having its beginning as part of the reforms of Sultan Selim III (1789 till 1807), several Anatolian Infantry Regiments, a Field Artillery Regiment, and two Galeonjees: New Order Army Marine Regiments came into existence. The book also covers Arnaut: Albanian Infantry; late-18th Century Turkish Generalship and Officers’ command; Standing Army’s tactics; New Order Army Infantry Soldier’s weapons and equipment; and, the 1806 till 1807 events leading to the New Order Army’s suppression and demise of Sultan Selim III.

By Chris Flaherty, 88 pages
English text

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