Late 18th Century Turkish Cavalry


A hallmark of late 18th Century Turkish style of warfare was an initial attack by thousands of massed Cavalry as the main offensive force on the battlefield. Regarded as the best in Europe, and feared with some justification for their sword mastery and valor in battle, European tactics changed in the face of the Turkish Cavalry threat. The Kapikulu Ocaklari: Standing Army’s Cavalry consisted of Sultan’s Household Guard Regiments, Zirkhli: Cuirassier – Armoured Sipahi, Sipahi Light Cavalry or Lancers; Deli; Mameluke, Bedouin and Tatar Light Cavalry. New Order Army military reforms of Sultan Selim III (1789 till 1807), had by start of the Napoleonic Wars added several Provincial Mounted Regiments of Uskudar Barracks Trained Mounted Infantry, and ten Regiments of Paid Mounted Regulars, providing Light Cavalry or Lancers. This book also covers Cavalry weapons, equipment, and battle tactics.

By Chris Flaherty, 82 pagine
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