Italian armored vehicles in Russia 1941-1944


The disastrous campaign on the Eastern Front conducted by the Royal Army saw very little participation by armoured units and they could only achieve results of little practical value. In all, there were four units, three of Cavalry and one of Bersaglieri (the III Armoured Squadron Group “San Giorgio”, the XIII Self-propelled Squadron Group “Cavalleggeri di Alessandria” and the Autoblinde Platoon of the “Nizza Cavalry” Regiment) and one of Bersaglieri (LXVII Bersaglieri Motorised Battalion), all equipped with light vehicles that could in no way compete with the Soviet tanks, which, moreover, were greatly outnumbered and therefore inadequate in any case for the comparison, in the grandiose conflict that was taking place.  After the Armistice, a group of former Arditi del X fought on Russian soil on board AS42 Metropolitan trucks, in support of the German 2nd Parachute Division, making themselves appreciated for their courage and determination, even in the difficult situation of the German troops on the eastern front.

By Paolo Crippa and Antonio Talillo, 100 pages
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