Disaster at Tobruk


Operation Agreement was launched by the Allies in World War II on the night of September 13-14th, 1942 to hit Axis Air Force bases and depots in North Africa. It was part of a more complex series of other operations, called “Big Party”, intended to cause havoc, panic, disruption and destruction of the Axis logistic organizations, by means of in-depth actions by spoilers, destined to act against airports, logistic centers and the land communication lines of Cyrenaica, between Tobruk and Benghazi. Of all these missions, the most important was Operation “Daffodil”, which involved an attack from the sea on Tobruk, coordinated with the action of a mobile land column coming from the desert on trucks. The enterprise was a real failure and resulted in a crushing defeat of the British and their allies.

By Francesco Mattesini, 128 pages
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