Bautzen 1945 (English)


The last clear German victory in World War II occurred in the last days of April 1945 during the defense, loss and subsequent recovery of the Saxon city of Bautzen. On that occasion, when all was lost, the remnants of once powerful German units, such as the Panzer Divions Hermann Göring, Brandeburg or Grossdeutschland, inflicted a total defeat on the proud Soviet-Polish units, more robust and better armed, that supported the Red Army advance towards the capital of the Reich. This text tells the story of the events that took place in that city, the capital of Upper Lusatia, just south of the German capital. The high efficiency of the German soldiers made the difference with a real state of an army by then in decay and with no more fuel, showing how the fighting spirit was kept high until the end thanks to the concrete possibility of stopping the Soviets, even if only for a few hours or days, in their overwhelming advance to allow the evacuation of the greatest number of Germans people towards the West of the country. An innovative work this one by Gil Martínez, that will certainly occupy, together with the previous one already published in Breslau 1945, a special place in the library of all those who are interested in the military history of the last terrible world conflict.

By Eduardo Manuel Gil Martínez, 100 pages
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