Armored trains of the Baltic Republics


The Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian independence movements seized the opportunity of the outbreak of the Russian Revolution to claim their national identity, declaring independence in 1918, which was followed by years of bloody wars with the newborn Soviet state. The common datum to all three conflicts, following the declaration of independence of the three Baltic Republics, was the shortage of weapons, light and heavy, armored and armored vehicles, cars and trucks, which affected the newborn armies. A significant contribution, operational, logistical and strategic, came from the use of the railways, with railway lines, and rolling stock, which were highly developed in all three Republics. It was thanks to this availability, in addition to the ingenuity and ability of the workers employed, that in a short time numerous armored trains were set up suitable for all types of gauge present, allowing these improvised vehicles to be decisive in numerous clashes with the enemy. At the end of the conflict, in all three Baltic Republics, the battles fought by armored trains were rightly celebrated, thanks both to the results obtained and to the courage and self-denial shown by the soldiers on duty.

By Carlo Cucut, 100 pages
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