Alba, a disputed city 1944-1945


The town of Alba was the backdrop to the clashes between partisans and Axis troops between 1944 and 1945 and was even occupied by Resistance forces in October 1944, who, however, only maintained control for a few days, the famous ’23 days of Alba’, described by Beppe Fenoglio in his book of the same name. The town was again attacked by partisans on 15 April 1945, in a clash that lasted all day, but did not dislodge the republican garrison from the town, and it was not until 26 April that the partisans of the 2nd ‘Langhe’ Division and the 21st Matteotti ‘Fratelli Ambrogio’ Brigade finally entered the town, with the surrender of the forces of the Italian Social Republic. This publication examines the events that took place in the Langhe town between 1944 and 1945, with descriptions of the partisan and republican units that clashed in the Langhe.

By Paolo Crippa and Daniele Notaro, 100 pages
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