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Guerre Polacco-Ottomane vol. 1 1593-1699 Le forze in campo

Seiten: 80, Farbplatten: 16, Italian with english caption and text of colour plates

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"Polish-Ottoman Wars" (en. Polish-Ottoman wars) is the Anglo-Saxon nomenclature indicating a series of conflicts that opposed, during the seventeenth century, the Ottoman Empire and the Confederation of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, the European country then more
extensive and populous. It was a clash very different from those then fought in Europe: a kind of war based on fast cavalry battles rather than the crash of armies of infantry.
The reasons for this anomaly are to be found in the very nature of the armed forces involved in the conflict. On the one hand the mighty army of the Sultan of Constantinople and the other the army of a European state team as a result of constant confrontation and clash with the Turkish had come to emulate the practice of war.
Italian with english caption and text of colour plates

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