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Uniforms of Russian Army in XVIII centiry Special offer of seven books!!

A.V.Viskovatov, Inglese

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Sette volumi dedicati alle uniformi russe del '700,  Dal regno di Pietro il Grande fino a quello di Caterina la Grande. Settte libri con uno sconto speciale del 25% e spese postali gratuite per ordini dall'Italia !!! Cosa aspetti prenota subito!!!

Compiled at Saint Petersburg during the years from 1837 and 1851, the Historical Description of the Clothing and Arms of the Russian Army has had an enormous impact and great importance for the study on the history of Russian costume and uniformology development over the past centuries. The Viskovatov’s enormous work is based on a great quantity of archival documents and contains four thousand colored and b/w illustrations. It is composed by 30 or 34 volumes (1st edition 1-30, St. Petersburg, 1841-62, and 2nd edition Vols. 1-34, St. Petersburg - Novosibirsk - Leningrad, 1899-1948). The topics discussed start from the early czars until the late nineteenth century.
Our new edition has enriched the book with the plates: we revised and colored many of the images so far available just in black and white, as well we found some rare color plates with the collaboration of private collectors.  These, together with the first ever English translation, make our collection exclusive and of great value.This seven volume is devoted to the Russian army uniforms from the  reign of Peter I the Great just to reign of Catherine the great !! Seven books  with a super discount of 25% about. Prenote now

Luca Cristini
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