Horsemen in the 16th & 17th C.

De Gheyn Jacob, Tavole a colori: 100



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16 & 17 cent. knights, cavalry skirmish & equestrian school in the art of jacob de gheyn & A.De bruyn 
The celebrated Dutch artist Jacob de Gheyn (1565-1625), famous author of 1608 masterpiece titled: Maniement d’armes, d’arquebuses, mousquet et piques in French language, and Exercise of armes in England.  
He is also the creator of a finest series of 22 numbered prints titled: “De ruiterschool” (the equestrian school”) composed by a frontispiece, 20 prints in which one or a few different types (most armor) riders are shown, and a print of a cavalry skirmish. 
The second part present the artworks of Abraham De Bruyn (1539-1587), a famous Flemish Engraver. He is ranked among the Little Masters on account of his plates being usually very small.  
The De Bruyn series in based on several European knights and horsemen in the 16th century. The great part of all this plates are presnted for the first time in full colour!!
De Gheyn Jacob
Febbraio 2016