L'esercito del Regno di Napoli 1806-1815 vol. 1 la fanteria

Pages: 80, Colour plates: 16, Italian with english caption and text of colour plates



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THE Neapolitan kingdom's army (1806-15) vol. 1 the infantry

The Army of the Kingdom of Naples, active during the years of Napoleonic French occupation, was an armed force that took part, with the Imperial Grand Army, in many of the major campaigns of the Napoleonic wars. With the Napoleonic occupation of 1806 the Neapolitan throne was given at first to Napoleon's brother: Joseph Bonaparte. From 1808 until 1815, the Neapolitan throne was occupied instead by Joachim Murat, one of the most brilliant military commanders of the Napoleonic Empire, and trough the marriage with Napoleon's sister Carolina he are Napoleon's brother in law. In 1815 the Neapolitan army it was composed of
a Royal Guard with troops of infantry and cavalry. Four infantry divisions, each of 4 regiments with artillery and train services. Completed the army a cavalry division of four regiments.

Our first volume is related to the infantry forces
Italian with english caption and text of colour plates