History & Uniforms 10 - ENG



H&U-010 - ENG

questo prodotto viene distribuito in modo elettronico (scaricabile).

In this number: The Battle of Plataea: a Reverseal of History Jean Nicolas Corvisier. The Catalan Company in Anatolia and Greece (1301-1311) Adriana Vannini. French Ensigns of the Late-Renaissance (part two) Aldo Ziggioto and Andrea Rossi. The Army of the Genoese Republic, 1745-48 Paolo Giacomone Piana. The Regiment Elisa Napoleone, 1814 Bruno Mugnai. Egyptian Cuirassiers 1800-1883, and their end in the Hick’s Expeditio Chris Flaherty. War and Railways in Italy, 1915-18 Ciro Paoletti.