Napoleon - An illustrated life Vol. 4

Louis Antoine de Bourienne, Pagine: 700, Tavole a colori: 60, English, 12 MB, epub




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This memoirs of Antoine de Bourrienne are a work which, for deep interest, excitement, and amusement, can scarcely be paralleled by any of the numerous and excellent memoirs for which the large Napoleonic literature is so justly celebrated. In this book de Bourienne shows us the hero of Marengo and Austerlitz in his night-gown and slippers, with a 'trait de plume' he, in a hundred instances, places the real man before us, with all his personal and private habits ! Complete the book a rich and beautiful collection of color plates realized by the French artist Louis Charle Bombled for the Las Cases Memorial of Saint’Hélène, the other great and famous byography of Napoleon! 4th volume of four.
Louis Antoine de Bourienne
Louis Charles Bombled
Febbraio 2016

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